Under a self-insured arrangement, employers pay costs as they are incurred. An employer can be self-insured as an individual or participate in a self-insured group. Self-insurance is a great option for any employer with $200,000 or more in annual premium and excellent loss history.


  • Cash flow-claims pay as you go
  • Control over claims and loss control
  • Low fixed cost
  • Investment income


  • Non-deductibility of reserves
  • Increased responsibility
  • Volatility-controlled by excess
  • Qualifications (Don’t worry-we walk you and your client through every step!)


  • Must have an excess WC policy (our affiliates represent three major carriers with A.M. Best rating of A or A+)
  • Must have state-approved TPA
  • Must request approval from State
  • Must have security in form of a Letter of Credit
  • Excess will require minimum of the standard premium for aggregate
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