General Liability

General Liability Claims Management, Efficiency & Resolution

Organizations of all backgrounds including private and public entities delivering service, production, or both, experience bodily injury and property damage claims. When addressing these claims, it is imperative that they be promptly investigated and resolved fairly and accurately. This is best accomplished by experienced adjusters knowledgeable of state law including governmental immunity, the open and obvious doctrine, and their various exceptions.

Claims Management Strategies:

  • Verify, investigate and analyze the loss event
  • Determine liability and damages, including duty, ownership, breaches and resultant damages with consideration of state law including governmental immunity, comparative negligence or the open and obvious doctrine or indemnity when applicable
  • Establishing accurate reserves and negotiating fair settlements
  • Issuing denials when appropriate based on a complete review of the claim in accordance with state law and coverage responsibility
  • Early identification of the need for expert analysis or opinion
  • Managing litigation counsel and legal expenses
  • Identifying and pursuing recovery, subrogation and salvage to minimize claim expenses
  • Collaborating with the client and litigation counsel when appropriate to identify new case law or litigation trends impacting your business

Claims Management Strategies:

  • Mackinaw Administrators is a recognized leader in the insurance and alternative risk field delivering solutions from locations across the United States with dedicated employees to serve its valued customers
  • Clear and effective communication with reporting customized to your needs
  • Claim Investigation Plan developed and executed resulting in timely resolution and disposition
  • Licensed adjusters with an average industry experience level of 15 years
  • SSAE18 Audited

Variety of Claims Adjudicated

Our claims personnel are equipped with the necessary resources and negotiation skills to adjudicate a wide variety of claims, including the following substantive areas:

  • Sewer back-up
  • Potholes
  • Construction Defect
  • Slip & Falls
  • Foreign Object in Food
  • Wrongful Death
  • Prescription Misfills
  • Property Damage
  • Product Defect

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